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It’s key to understand brand standards and why they are so dang important. Whatever the brand, it needs to feel the same in every environment. Whether the audience is seeing it online, in his car, at her desk, or while shopping, every touchpoint is a brand experience. Understanding this experience all starts with a high and uniform level of quality. It also starts with believing great design requires a smart structure and clean organization.

Your vision, values and voice need to be captured in every part of your visual presence – making brand standards and our ability to manage brands important. See how we can help.

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Brand Vision

Pinpoint the big idea, what you strive to do sets you apart. This vision needs to be explained, communicated, and nurtured.

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Core Values

Define clear and strong core beliefs that will help deliver your promise, what you stand for, and why it matters.

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Company Voice

Discover how you want to be perceived and develop every avenue of communication to support that goal.

Delivering Excellent Results

Great design requires smart structure and clean organization. Our intelligent brand and design guidelines enable smart, creative systems that accommodate all print, web, and digital media applications. Our conventional and unconventional backgrounds support big picture thinking, placing significant emphasis on excellent results (today and tomorrow).



What are the logo’s color variations?
How it is presented in black and white and/or grayscale?
(Remember context is key).

What is the defined clear space around the logo?
What is the minimum size to use the logo in print?
What is the minimum size to use the logo digitally?

Recommended things to avoid
Changing proportion.
Adding shadow effects.
Placing on background that reduces legibility.
Making transparent.
Placing in shape.


Key Principles
What does your grid look like and how does it work?
How does the front of something interact with the back?
How does the cover interact with the inside spread(s)?
Where does the logo fall on the page?
How do images appear on the page?
How does text appear on the page?
What is your layout hierarchy?
What is your text hierarchy?

Color Palette

What is your primary color palette?
What is your palette’s color meaning?
What is your secondary (or even tertiary) palette?
What are your color pairings?
What colors should you avoid paring?


How does your font reflect your brand’s vision and voice?
What is your primary (and secondary) font family?
What is your electronic typeface used on screen?
How is your electronic typeface implemented with the established grid?
(Remember all should compliment each other accordingly).


Who is your audience (broad v. specific)?
What are your image selection guidelines (ex. fresh, hopeful, etc.)?

Will images bleed off the edge of design (v. margins)?
Will any effect be applied to the images (ex: photo filtering)?

Recommended things to avoid
Lean away from things that conflict with your brands message.


Key Principles
What is your objective (measurable goals)?
Who is your audience (primary v. secondary)?
What is your brand voice (ex: friendly v. stern)?
What attributes need to be present in your communication?
What are your key message areas (what is important with your offering)?

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  • I have had great experiences working with Aedieno creative and their in-house printing company, Xperient. Summing up my experience working with them in a few words: brilliant, creative, professional, efficient.

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  • I've had the good fortune of working with Aedieno for the last 6 months and our CEO has had the pleasure of working with them for almost a decade. They are professional, organized, and customer service pros!

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  • Aedieno has been a phenomenal partner for us over the past 7 years. We have used Aedieno for all our creative services needs and the results have been fantastic. If you are looking for out-of-the-box ideas and a creative team who can get the job done - Aedieno is the group!

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