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Email marketing, social media, and website triggered messages are some of the best ways to build client relationships. However, the critical ‘follow-up’ can push these business-building efforts to the bottom of your list.

Time restrictions often make the difference, which is why email and marketing automation is a win in our books!

Here are a few benefits of marketing automation:

Boost and Build Your Brand
You know your brand is great – now tell your audience and leads. Create an automated drip campaign that will provide a soft touch connection, triggered with purpose to keep you top of mind with a clear call to action (CTA).

Establish Loyalty
You already have clients that love what you have to offer. Create and deliver a multi-touch and conversationally centered ‘Nurture Campaign’ that builds and supports customer relationships without exhausting your efforts.

Make New Connections
Upload your list containing leads and schedule a new ‘Outreach Campaign.’ Create a highly personalized welcome series that introduces you or your team, connecting them to your website, social media page(s), and triggering effortless follow-up communication.

Reconnect with Ease
Don’t lose the connection with current and past clients. Establish an automated email or social media message to follow-up in the future – refocusing their attention on your service offerings. Consider introducing a quick survey to prompt their 5-star rating or initiate further communication – increasing retention rates.

You can (and should) create a consistent brand experience from your website through your social media pages and to your email templates. Note: purposeful email content suggestions, here.

Duplicate with Ease
Once your templates are set up and tested, they then become easily duplicatable. Establish the theme of your next campaign and schedule for the next day – or even a month or more away.

Increase Productivity
Marketing automation streamlines your efforts and puts time back into your 'IN' column. Imagine, time to hire another marketing team member, create your next loyalty campaign, or extra time to take that well earned vacation.

With these benefits and the right processes, your company can create the results and opportunities you want – with minimal ongoing effort.

Aedieno is a boutique creative agency delivering on expectations so you can deliver yours. To discuss marketing automation and to try our free system today, please contact us.

Updated 2021

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