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Tradeshows, conferences, and expos – oh my! As we roll into a new normal post-pandemic, conventions are back in full swing. So, the question is, do your tradeshow materials reflect YOU today?

When it comes to events, your brand’s ability to stand out must consider the big picture. It’s more than a nice backdrop and collateral. It’s considering all the touchpoints – before, during, and after. Thinking through these details enables your organization to be memorable, polished, and professional in a way that looks good and yields results.

These are the golden rules to creating the perfect suite of tradeshow materials:

Know Your Audience
Who will be at the show, and what do you want them to do? At the end of the day, the tradeshow is about who you are there to serve. Therefore, leading with the audience will be sure to captivate attendees.

Understand the Setup
What is the exhibit’s size, location, and proximity to things nearby? Knowing the setup of your booth will enable you to plan your display pieces, know exactly what to bring, and be most prepared. We’re big fans of creating and following a tradeshow setup guide. Think of it as an easy-to-follow standard, illustrating different setup scenarios and options based on the space, functions, and objectives – as well as dos and don’ts for any on-site team member to follow. An intelligent system ensures the visual presentation is brand-approved and your display combinations are organized. Say goodbye to overcrowded spaces, cluttered tabletops, and blocked displays.

Define the Pieces
What materials do you need to create and bring to communicate your message? This includes any display, collateral, promo item, and technology pieces you need during the show.

  • Displays – think: simple, high-level backdrops to allow for reuse in different settings and smaller displays (like tabletops or banner stands) that are unique to your offerings and audience. Tables and tablecloths should not detract from the space, and items resting on the surface should be limited. All components should be clean, wrinkle and damage-free, and encourage accessibility for all.
  • Collateral – think: beautifully designed flyers, brochures, rack cards, business cards, fold-out pieces, and more. These pieces support your offerings and outline your call to action (CTA). Make your CTA easy to achieve by having it prominently placed, including a QR code or designating a specific landing page. When it comes to collateral for a show, quality over quantity is our go-to recommendation. Choose two or three staple pieces to share.
  • Promo – think: fun company swag, unique takeaways, useful tools, or clever giveaways. They can be displayed on your table, hidden behind the scenes, or handed out directly to visitors. People LOVE free goodies and are inundated with all sorts of tchotchkes during tradeshows. Making the promo piece fun, unique, useful, or clever will go a long way. And we’re just sayin’ we’ve never met a tumbler we didn’t like.
  • Technology – think: user-friendly iPads, video screens, lead generation forms, geofencing digital marketing (i.e., push notifications or social media posts targeting folks on location), and other techy touches. These items are positioned to enhance the experience and create a way to interact with folks differently – whether sharing or collecting great information.

Lead with Consistency
Does every touchpoint look and feel cohesive? Whether it’s the booth aesthetic, marketing collateral, digital materials, or the in-person interactions – interconnected branding and messaging convey excellence. Your displays should match your literature, website, social posts, email marketing, live conversations, and so on.

Be Memorable
Why should tradeshow attendees remember you? Define the answer and make it your mission. Ultimately, thoughtful and engaging experiences leave lasting impressions. Deliver your message with the least number of calories. Less is more AND easier to remember. Tradeshow materials are a glimpse inside of your organization and a snapshot of the experience your booth visitors can expect.

Nurture the Opportunity
Are you leading in and following up? Make the experience your audience has last beyond the tradeshow event. These connections start before, happen during, and continue after. Build communication touchpoints – including email, phone, social media, website, etc. – to connect with prospects, leads, and established customers/clients.

All in all, successful tradeshow materials and visual presentation go a long way. Considering these tips and tricks for your next conference will make a meaningful impact and have you one step closer to closing a deal.

For more tips on how to make your display stand out, check out these 10 Tips to Having the Most Effective Tradeshow Display.

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Posted 2022

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